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The Top Six Ways To Break The Ice With a Stranger!

I get these question all the time: “What do I say when I meet people the first time?
How do I break the ice?”
People think the perfect opening will solve everything, but I’m sorry to break
the bad news: There are no perfect openings and even if there were they
wouldn’t work without the ingredients I’m about to share with you.
Whether you become a master at breaking the ice will not depend as much

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How To Follow Up With Impact

Countless millions of hours and dollars are wasted at networking events every year. Obviously as a trainer on the subject I’m not saying that networking doesn’t work. It’s incredibly powerful if you know how to do it the right way.
However most peoples networking efforts are completely lost because of one simply mistake… they don’t follow up. Or they follow up in a very ineffective way that actually leads to resistance and loss of trust.
Based on my experience I would say that 90-95% never follow up and of the 5-10% that …

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How Referral Marketing Can Tilt The Playing Field in your Favor.

If you want to smash the competition, referral marketing could be the answer to your marketing problems especially if you are a business with a small (or no) budget
There are at least six main reasons referral marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to build a small to medium sized business and level the playing field with the “big guys” or even tilt it in your favor.
1. Higher Closing Rate.
Prospects will almost always trust you more when a product or …

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9 Referral Marketing Strategies You Can Take To The Bank.

1. Set A clear Target:
You can only hit a target if you know it. The more clear you are about your goals the more effective your referral marketing campaign will be.
2. Track and Measure.
Unbelievably few companies actually measure the effectiveness of their referral marketing strategies.
But how are you going to to improve your results if you don’t know what works best? WELL ..YOU CAN’T. You can only improve what you can measure.
3. Define who your best referral is.
Define specifically who is …

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Selling Sucks, Networking Rocks!

Unless you have lived in a cave for twenty years you already know that the world is changing at a mind-boggling speed. Old ways of thinking and behaving are fast becoming obsolete or ineffective.
One of the areas that are experiencing a big shift is in Business Networking vs Selling.
In my humble opinion networking is becoming THE way of building business In today’s world for many different reasons. At the same time traditional selling is becoming less and less effective.
Why? Mostly because our …

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Business Networking Succeeds Where Selling Fails

(But know it’s weakness or you will fail with networking too)
Networking really is one of the most powerful ways to generate lots of hot leads, create powerful connections that can open closed doors and simply get what you want in life, and not just in business, but in any situation.
Why is networking so powerful? Well… basically we tend to buy from and recommend people that we know like and trust. Trust has become a bigger and bigger factor because people have experienced so …